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 Seishin Hasuhana's Room.

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PostSubject: Seishin Hasuhana's Room.   Sun May 09, 2010 10:09 am

The size, walls and flooring are the same as most of the other dorm rooms, and in it are six main pieces of furniture: a twin bed, bedside table, small desk, bookshelf, dresser and chair. There are several plants inside the room: an orchid on the bedside table, a bonsai tree on one end of her desk, a potted palm in the corner of her room near her door, a couple potted fern hanging from some hooks on her wall, a pot of marigolds on the top of her dresser and roses and honeysuckle cuttings on the top of her bookshelf, along with a few other smaller plants

She has a green rug on her floor, and hung on her wall, in addition to the hanging plants, a rolled out scroll depicting a group of elves and fae dining in the forest. She has a few old books in her bookshelves, but it’s mostly dominated by scrolls given to her by her parents, and tiny potted plants. She has a floor lamp next to her bed, and an alarm clock on her bedside table, squished against the wall by the orchid.
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Seishin Hasuhana's Room.
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