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That's right, you heard it first, were moving away from fourmation. And going over to a new world, and site. Please use this link to active the new site, and come join our family once again,

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 The Races.

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PostSubject: The Races.   Tue May 11, 2010 1:38 pm

The races of Narcissus Academy:

Woodfolk: Woodfolk are creatures that guard the forests and nature. These beings may include the flowing: Elves, sprites, nymphs and many others. Thing's such as other ability's that already come with being these are ones that the race you have picked already owns. Woodfolk mostly have the ability's of sing, dancing and making houses. But, with these, the singing can be very dangerous! Depending on the race.
Angels : Angels are almost always holy creatures. But, some times with a few... Exsaptions. Angels that come to NA, are normally angels that are fallen, or born on earth. Angels already have the powers to take flight.
Demons : Mainly born in hell, and got away from it. Coming to NA, they already have the powers of anything evil and dark. Also can cast spells. {Dark ones}
Humans : Humans are born on earth, normally very weak, and don't have powers. But, at times there are some that do. Please PM one of the admins if you want to be a human with powers.
Vampire : Vampires are normally blood sucking {once was human} creatures. Although some vampires can be born that way. It's not very offten. They come with, Speed, Streaght, and compulsion! Although they go out in the sun, they are burned to death. Some have rings, and necklances to stop this.
Hunters : Hunters have adnormal streaght and speed. They are much like vampires, with out needing the feeding of blood, and can go out in the sun light. They do grow old, and die. Hunters kill vampires, shifters, demons, angels. Ect. They only protect the good, unless they them selfs are bad.
Half Breeds : Half breeds are part something, and human. Depending on what they are part of, their powers are normally weaker then they should be.
Creatures of Water : Beings that live, or born in the water. Found in ponds, rivers and lakes around NA. They can leave the water for however long as they like. They are students. Powers depend on what the creature is.
Creatures of Sky :These beings are found in the sky, they have the ability to fly, normally a bird, or other. They are guards of the skies around NA. They also go to school at NA, and have dorm rooms. Powers depend on what race you are picking.
Shifters : Also known as were-beings, or shape shifters. They can change form into whatever they like. Unless a were-being, they can only change into wolfs, and half form wolves. But are human in a way, and while in a different form, they can still talk, think, and act like a human. {Normally can only change into a aniaml of some kind.}
The Dead : Pretty much enough said when it comes to their name. The dead are creatures fallening in battle, or killed. NO THEY ARE NOT ZOMBIES. And cannot, what so ever. Come back. They have no powers, and are sent striaght to the village of the dead where their ghost forms will live on.

On another note. For the creatures likes the sky, water, halfbreeds, shifters, and woodfolk: For theses races, you can be whatever you please, even a made up race, just put alot of detail on what, and types of powers you have. Do not god mod, admins will be watching if you are approved, and have a power like a god mod, and if use of power in a god modding way, you will revice a vist from one of our many Prefects, first shall be a warning. The next time, will be death.

If you have anyother ideas for races, please contact one of our many prefects listed on the right side of your page, and we will talk about it and see from there. Thank you. And have a great time at NA.
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The Races.
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