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That's right, you heard it first, were moving away from fourmation. And going over to a new world, and site. Please use this link to active the new site, and come join our family once again,

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 Early Morning Blues

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Solasa le Fae
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PostSubject: Early Morning Blues   Fri May 14, 2010 10:09 am

Solasa rubbed her temples as she sat by Kikan lake. She had just been looking into it, and 'enjoyed' a memory from a thousand years ago, where she got into a fight with some humans. She glared down at the lake and stuck out her tongue at it., before standing and stretching. “Ahhh!” she said, looking up at the sky. It was Sunday and early morning, just after dawn. The ground was still covered with dew, and she brushed off the back of her cut-off shorts before looking around. She enjoyed this park, though in her opinion compared to a forest, it was greatly lacking. She brushed her glaringly red hair back, still with streaks of silver in it from that night, though they were quickly fading. “What to do…” she muttered, re-zipping the jacket she wore.
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Early Morning Blues
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