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That's right, you heard it first, were moving away from fourmation. And going over to a new world, and site. Please use this link to active the new site, and come join our family once again,

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 Kami's Maid Cafe!~

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PostSubject: Kami's Maid Cafe!~   Mon May 24, 2010 11:46 am

Kami's Maid Cafe!~

Owner: Kami Bright.
Workers: Kami,
Hiring: Yes. ^^

Here at Kami's Maid Cafe You will be Will be serve
by lovely girls in amazing maid outfits.
There will be a very warm welcome here.
Our Maids will give you very respectful and polite
they shall Always call you Master, Mistress, Lord, Or Lady
Maids Shall Have Fake names and not give out
personal Information unless they really want to.
And treat you as honor guest

We have many fine sweet and deserts
Coffee: $3
Ice tea / Hot tea (any kind) : $3
Latte: $3
Green tea: $3
Hot chocolate: $3
Milk Shakes (any falor): $ 3
Slice of Cake (any kind): $2
Slice of Pie (any kind): $ 2
Ice Cream (any falor): $ 4
Cookie (any kind): $2
Pudding (any falor): $3
Surpise Made By Maid: $4
Fruits (any kind): $2

NEW! Breakfest, Lunch, And Dinner Are HERE!
Eggs (Made anyway as you like): $2
Bacon: $2
Pacakes (any kind): $2
Waffles (any kind): $2
Miso Soup: $2
Rice: $2
sandwich (any kind): $2
Riceball (anything inside it): $3
Sushi: (Any kind comes in 8 pieces each): $3
Natto: $2
Soups (any kind): $2
Sushi: $3
Fried fish (any kind): $3
Rice: $2
Miso soup: $2
Natto: $2

Extra service from a maid:
Kiss on the cheek: $ 5
Hug: $2
Time alone with the maid: $10 (this is for 10 mins in
a private room in the back but there will be camuras!)
Foot or Hand massages: $ 10
Playing a game of Cards or Video game with maid: $ 10
Get any type of dessert feed to you by a maid: $5
Any type of Fruit feed to you by a maid: $5
Picture tooken You With A maid or maids: $5
Magic show by the maid: $5
Request Maid to show you their talent: $ 5
Request a Maid You Like: $1
Request a Maid to wear a different outfit, Out of
Maid Closet that you chose: $2

Care to apply a job here fill this out and send here!
Working Hours: (days of the week/time you can be online [timezone])
Other: (does not have to be filled out)

MUST Filled Out After Our Service To You:
Customer Name:
Employer Name:
Store’s Owner: Kami
Store’s Name: Kami's Maid Cafe
Item(s) Bought:
Item(s) Total Cost: $
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Kami's Maid Cafe!~
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