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 Random FB things :)

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♥!The Canadian Princess!♥
♥!The Canadian Princess!♥

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PostSubject: Random FB things :)   Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:27 am

Is certain.. one day big butts will be in style, & I will say "I've had mine since before it was "cool" tee hee hee

#10 you know your addicted to facebook when your family and friends find out whats happening in your life through your status updates!

Today I told my car it's okay for it to tell me if it's a transformer. It didn't answer. I figure it's just waiting for the right moment.

There are people I'd take a bullet for and there are people I'd like to put a bullet in!!

If someone throws skittles at me and yells, "Taste the rainbow!", I'll throw a two litre bottle of coke at them and yell "Open happiness!" :D

Calling Doctor Daniels, calling Doctor Jack Daniels. Your assistance is needed.

Is going to go the walmart and Drape a blanket around my shoulders and run around saying, "I'm Batman. Come Robin to the Bat-cave.

Has heard that You Tube, twitter and facebook are all to merge, it will be know as

Is chasing the demented, retarded purple-and-yellow-polka-dot elephant around the lounge room trying to get the bloody remote back!!!

Got the coolest jacket for Christmas -it has long sleeves & buckles in the back and makes it easy to hug myself... Just wish it came in a colour other than white

Sorry my mind has left to a meeting at a moment.(the crayon factory ran out of blue) please leave a message after the beep... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Some people think I'm good and kind and soft and sweet and gentle...
My friend,you know I'm round the bend and absolutely mental.

9 out of 10 voices in my head say i am insane, the tenth is humming the tetris theme

I think i would know if i was insane! The rubber duckies would have told me by now if i was. They tell me everything you know?

Is up the pink mountains riding a sparkly purple hippo being chased by flying monkeys who are throwing skittles and shouting TASTE THE FRICKING RAINBOW..mcb xXx

Is going to dance on a rainbow with the garden gnomes to celebrate the purple monkey's pet unicorn's birthday! Wanna come?

One Law In Friendship: NEVER make your friend feel disturb them as much as you can :)

This room with padded walls is nice. If only the walls and this jacket that hugs me were made of Velcro and the floor was a trampoline!

I love this jacket! I get to hug myself and it's decked out with cool buckles and stuff! The men in the white coats gave it to me. Thanks, guys! :)

These nice men put me in a white jacket, now i can hug myself yay!!!

Desii is off to wonderland, if u need me i will either be with the talking bunny with getting high with the caterpillar(:

SIGNS OF INSANITY: 1. Talks to self 2. Argues with self 3. Loses argument with self 4. Is no longer talking with self

Wishes I had a dollar for every time the voices in my head said: I Told You SO!

Thinks that the men in the white coats are very nice.They gave me this REALLY COOL jacket that makes me hug myself and they said that I was special!!!

Says, you can tell you're going insane when you have an argument with yourself and lose. That's not true. Yes it is. No it's not. Yeah! NO! Fine!

Says there's pixies under the bed an penguins in the wardrobe not sure whats going on in my head but that chickens wearing my bathrobe.

Is saying The voices aren't real, the voices aren't real, the voices aren't real, / Voices: we can hear u

Desii anyone know where i parked my unicorn?

Is riding a pink giraffe wearing her underpants and a top hat

I love the way my brain works, it's like being crazy, without being institutionalized ;-) lmfao

I'm going to meow like a butterfly :)

Says "I don't get why people waste their time and call me weird. If they are trying to make me cry it's not working I smile and say awww thanks!!"

Is up the pink mountains riding a sparkly purple hippo being chased by flying monkeys who are throwing skittles and shouting TASTE THE FRICKING RAINBOW..mcb xXx

Today I'm going to find the evil fairy that lives in the dryer that keeps stealing my socks!! If you don't see me tomorrow call the cops.Wish me luck!!

Isn't crazy but suspects the voices in her head may be.

I don't have to worry about the voices in my head, I have a child who natters incessantly and won't let them get a word in edge ways!

The voices inside my head tell me to take your chocolate and RUN!!!

I'm thinking of writing a book called " How To Overcome Insanity", problem is- I haven't quite figured it out myself yet!

Is made of three things: 10% chocolate, 20% rock 'n' roll and 70% utter insanity! x

Insanity: Continuously repeating the same mistake(s) over and over expecting different results.

Is sat in the corner of her little padded room counting the army of pixies that will help her break out again, she she she she!!!!!!!!!!

For a healthy dose of insanity, the next time you order from a drive-through restaurant, specify your order is "TO GO." lol

I did not lose my sanity! i only traded it for a cookie...i got the better deal!

My cat caught me talking to myself and informed me that I was insane.

Attn: All units! Be on the look out for my mind, it's out there lost & alone! It's unarmed but with out it's medication so should still be considered dangerous!

There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and I have erased that line and replaced it with a trout.

I'm not in my right mind at present, please leave a message at the sound of the cries of despair and the nice men in white coats will get back to you!


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Random FB things :)
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