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That's right, you heard it first, were moving away from fourmation. And going over to a new world, and site. Please use this link to active the new site, and come join our family once again,

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 Nikolaevna, Mystearianna

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PostSubject: Nikolaevna, Mystearianna   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:12 pm


§♥§Mystearianna Nikolaevna§♥§

“Let me tell you a story. It's a story of the past shaping the future, of reality determining possibilities. It might even be a story of destiny...”

Show us what you are
"Everyone calls himself a friend, but only a fool believes it. Nothing is more common than a name, yet nothing is more rare..."

Full Name: Mystearianna Nikolaevna [first name pronunced: Miss-teer-e-anna]
Alias/Nicknames: Mystel, Tear, Myst, Alicia, Demon, Monster
Gender: Female
Age: 17 [2013]
Species: Demon
Occupation: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Show us what you look like
“How things look on the outside of us depends on how things are on the inside of us.”

Skin: Mystel's skin is a flawless very pale peach tone with her cheeks containing more of a rosy color. To the touch, Mystel's skin is soft and smooth.
Hair: Depending on the lighting, Mystel's hair can appear coal black, in mostly dark lighting, and in bright lighting silver. In neutral lighting, Mystel's hair is gray most likely. Mystel's hair is straight and her bangs are uneven. She has some long enough that on both the left and right side of her face, they're framing her face. Her hair is usually up in pigtails and her hair reaches past her waist in length. To the touch, Mystel's hair feels soft like silk.
Eyes: Mystel's eyes have separate colors. Her right eye is a bright poison purple shade for the body that contains Mystel originally had pale sapphire eyes though Mystel's own eyes had been originally crimson, which turned her right eye poison purple. Her left eye however remains sapphire blue in shade but bright.
Height: Mystel stands at four feet and eleven inches tall
Weight: Mystel weights at ninety-seven pounds
Clothing: Mystel will usually wear a top with a collar and a tie that's aquamarine shade. The top has aquamarine colored hem around the bottom, the collar's end and upper end of the tank top. The shoulders are missing from the sleeves and the sleeves are black. The sleeves also have an aquamarine hem. She wears a kind of school girl uniform skirt that is also black but it has the bottom laced with about an inch of aquamarine. The skirt has an aquamarine and black strap with a zig-zag through it to separate the colors. Under the skirt is a pair of short black shorts however as well so she can move around freely. She wears black boots that go up to mid-thigh. These, too, have aquamarine hem. Her boots have little to no heel but they're aquamarine and easy to move in. This is Mystel's usual appearal.
Other: Over her back, centered perfectly, Mystel has a tattoo that has meaning that is found in her history.

Show us who you are
“Every person has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

Personality: Mystel has what other's would think is a split personality. That 'personality' has a name.
Alicia is the original owner of the body that Mystel inhabits. Alicia is now like a split personality to Mystel, the one who now completely owns the body. Upon meeting people, Alicia is polite but shy. She'll say hello and try to have small conversations upon first meeting them. When she gets to know someone, she'll become more out spoken and not as cautious with them. Alicia is very open with her emotions. When she's alone she tends to ponder about the future.
Mystel, the current owner of the body, though is about the same when meeting people though if someone doesn't want to talk to her it seems, she won't talk to them unless she feels like annoying someone. Mystel can make friends and should she, she's friendlier to them then she had been when first meeting them. Mystel likes to keep herself a mystery and so she tries not to let many emotions show. Anger is one of her easier ones that get out but she focuses mostly on keeping sorrow and love inside of herself. Mystel can be outspoken or quiet, depending on her mood. When she's by herself, she's usually either pondering things about herself or she's plotting something.
Temper: Alicia's temper is hard to trigger because of how she'd just cave in. Mystel's though can be very easy to trigger, depending on who it is that may trigger it.


  • Blue roses
  • Night time
  • Stormy Weather
  • Piano, violin, and flute music


  • Sunny days
  • Yellow Roses
  • Dry weather
  • Beaches

Note: These likes and dislikes are all Mystel's since she's the main personality now
Bad Habits:

  • Mystel has a bad habit of trying to annoy people when she has nothing else to do or can't think of anything.

Show us your talent
“Great talents are the most lovely and often the most dangerous fruits on the tree of humanity. They hang upon the most slender twigs that are easily snapped off.”

Special Ability: Sound
Mystel now has the ability to control different types of sound. She can mess with the sound waves of things or enhance sound waves into different types of attacks. Mystel usually uses the sound of singing, speaking, things like snapping or clapping in her attacks though she can use other's. This ability works well with her wind element since the wind can carry the sound waves and it works well with her weapon since it can create sound waves.
Strengths of your Ability

  • There's sound everywhere in some way so it's easy to mess with or manipulate the waves of it
  • There's various forms of making sound making it easy to use.

Weaknesses your Ability

  • Most ways of using sound involve Mystel having to be able to speak or have her weapon, Nyx.
  • Should Mystel not be using voice or Nyx to create/manipulate sound waves they more then likely only move forward or at a slow pace, making them more avoidable then the others
Weapon: Nyx
Nyx is Mystel's black flute that happens to be made out of an unbreakable alloy that's light in weight, the alloy is unknown. Mystel named her flute Nyx because of it's color. Since Nyx means 'night' in Greek. Those that knew Mystel in her past times know that another reason for the name of this flute being Nyx was because the Greek goddess of the night was the daughter of Khaos. Because it's a flute, too many that do not know the wielder, it won't seem like a weapon. Should Mystel decide not to carry Nyx, she is kept in a holder around Mystel's leg.

Talents: Playing instruments, singing, painting
Element Affiliation: Wind

Tell us why you are here
“Time is free, but it's priceless.
You can't own it, but you can use it.
You can't keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”

Date of Birth: December 13
Family: Birth: Unknown
History: Deep in the unknown parts of Russia, on the outskirts of Aska. A young couple, demons but to be more specific contract demons, left a newborn child near a waterfall and left briskly into the night. The baby was silent but very much alive as she occasional looked around the world she was left in with crimson red eyes. The night was silent except for the sound of the running water. No creature approached the baby but they watched from afar, curious yet cautious. When the sun rose on the next day, a villager from Aska went out in search of something. They were surprised to find a silent but alive baby near the waterfall. By now the baby was asleep so the village did not know of the crimson red orbs that laid beneath the lids of the baby's eyes. When one of her steps towards the baby crunched the snow the baby's eyes snapped open and the villager stumbled back, the crimson red frightening and surprising him. He was caught between running to warn the village or killing the baby right now. The baby looked at him, as if knowing what he was thinking and a thought struck him. The red eyes but human appearance with the air around her feeling the way it was lead him to think she was one of those demons that grew up to create contracts with people. He however did not know the result of the contracts and so, he took the baby secretly and raised her in hopes of her taking a contract with him. And so, she was given the name Mystearianna Nikolaevna. The villager, Alexander Venclova, rose her so that she knew of her race but kept her a secret from the rest of Aska. When Mystearianna reached the human age of fifteen she made her first contract with Alexander. Her side of the deal was to get him wealth and power so he could leave Aska. He thought that since he had raised her, she would take nothing of importance from him. Mystearianna did indeed fulfill her side of the bargain, but Alexander did not realize what he had signed specifically or the loopholes left within it. When Alexander was leaving his home in Aska to move to Moscow where he would hold of seat of power at that point in time, in the dead of night he was slaughtered mysteriously and the little girl whose existence had been hidden from those in Aska, continued to seem as if she did not exist for she left in the same night. She was the last to see Alexander alive though no one alive but herself knew of that.
Mystearianna, Mystel for short, roamed different countries and continents for years and years, forming contracts only to get what she truly wanted in the end. Such as each time one body started to become too old for her, she took another's body or life energy to refresh herself. She held her own body it seemed though each time she took another's body as a result of a contract, the appearance of the body changed mostly to fit her needs and wants.
However, in a late evening of the last day of winter, 1093 years later, Mystel came across a young wind demon girl and offered her a contract. The girl looked to be in pain from illness and Mystel was in need of a new body. If she switched with the girl then the girl would indeed feel better, though only because Mystel would take her body. When the girl signed her name, Alicia Synga, Mystel worked her magic on taking the girl's body. She learned strangely, the girl's history in brief moments. How the girl was over one thousand years old as well and how she was talented in musical arts. She learned how the girl developed an unknown illness that threatened to kill her and how she had been searching for one to relieve her of her pain. During the switch, the world suddenly went black to Mystel, something that had never happened before. When she awake she indeed seemed to be in the girl's body and her own body was no where to be seen. Strangely though, the girl's body hardly changed to fit Mystel's original appearance. Walking over to a lake so she could see her reflection she saw what used to be coal black hair was currently grey like silver though what was under the shade of a tree seemed to be grey. Not only that but her crimson red eyes were gone. Instead, her left eye had remained Alicia's sapphire shade but had gone from pale to bright in tone and her right eye seemed to have mixed with the two girls' colors. It was a bright poison purple. And stranger still, Mystel seemed to hear Alicia speaking inside of her head.
That however was not the only physical feature added to Mystel for she had a tattoo that seemed to look like a bird of some kind. It represented that two wind users had mixed into one body as a whole. This bird appeared graceful and mysterious like Mystel and Alicia. Mystel sighed when she figured something had gone wrong. Mystel was no longer a contract demon, she was unable to gain powers from making contracts. She had stopped aging however and developed an ability of sound. She seemed to have Alicia's talents. Both girls could use the same element and so Mystel figured because she did not specifically say which wind user was to disappear and which was to take over the body, both girls inhabited the body though Mystel seemed to be the one in control most of the time. And so, Alicia became like a split personality to those who knew Mystel.
Wishing to find a way to understand things better and to experience different situations with her new powers, Mystel wondered the world for years to come still. After seven more years, Mystel, with Alicia still inside her, came across Narcissus Academy. After much persistence and begging from Alicia, Mystel enrolled into the academy.

Author Note: this was rushed towards the end

Template created by Ravyn{a friend of the admins from other sites © Inspired by those of Hokkaido Academy, Lost Generations, and others. ID pictures created by Yami{another friend}. All rights belong to their respective creators.
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PostSubject: Re: Nikolaevna, Mystearianna   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:49 pm

Holy shit. This app is... Great. X3


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PostSubject: Re: Nikolaevna, Mystearianna   Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:03 pm

This application is already approved, but be sure to make proper SAs for your ability~
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Nikolaevna, Mystearianna
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