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 Seiwa Genji

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Seiwa Genji
Risen Flame

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PostSubject: Seiwa Genji   Tue May 11, 2010 2:08 pm


§♥§{Insert Name}§♥§

“Let me tell you a story. It's a story of the past shaping the future, of reality determining possibilities. It might even be a story of destiny...”

Show us what you are
"Everyone calls himself a friend, but only a fool believes it. Nothing is more common than a name, yet nothing is more rare..."

Full Name: {Seiwa Genji}
Gender: {Male}
Age: (17) [17]
Occupation: {None}
Sexual Orientation: {Straight}

Show us what you look like
“How things look on the outside of us depends on how things are on the inside of us.”

Skin: {Fair skin, with a touch of tan}
Hair: {Brown}
Eyes: Blue
Height: 9 stones
Weight: 5ft 11.5 inches
Clothing: {Usually wears a brown overlaying uniform in a suit like style. It has the insignia of the school printed on the jacket pocket}
Other: {A tatoo of a fiery flower impregnated on his sternum, it is believed this is the source of his power.}

Show us who you are
“Every person has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

Personality: {
Seiwa is a Human who is known for his kind smiles, his calm posture and his ability to keep cool in even the hairiest situations. He smiles generally a lot, a soft smile that is adored by the people around him, letting them know he is a man of trust, dignity, righteousness, honor and equality; which is something considering, Seiwa, he has nobility within his blood. Perhaps this very reason, that Seiwa doesn’t act superior and communes with commoners, that makes him likeable as well as approachable.

A comfortable aura usually eludes around him, making those who are near
to feel secure, safe and seem to get on well with Seiwa. While this is a great feat, many would abuse this natural ability to influence others for their doing, however, Seiwa appears to believes in justice and lives by honor; he uses his influence to gain the trust of people, wanting to help them is what Seiwa really aims for.

What people don’t realize is that, Seiwa is a really good communicator, he’s a mastered charismatic, his words itself are soothing, powerful and highly influential; used as a spokesman multiple times by his brother (whom is the leader of the Noble family), Seiwa’s ability has come in use
multiple times to prevent bloodshed from both his noble families and
opposing Nobles.

While these are some of the characteristic of his persona, one of his true
traits is to hide information about himself, usually laughing softly or giving a gentle smile to ward any questions about his past life, someof his intentions, opinions or ideals. With a persona in mind, one could question what truly goes through his head; his calm posture that flows smoothly with his perfect smiles, seem like a show he throws on to avoid unnecessary attention and to fit perfectly in with the society by trying to achieve, the so called “perfect society member”.

His smiles and laughs appear real but in reality, they are false, they are mere lies, he’s learnt from his brother himself; being able to deceive others was the environment he was born in, to such an extent he had to adapt, learning to lie, deceive and be able to detect such falsehood itself. Most of these traits he picked up from his brother, the lies that he hid, became his lies, the words his brother spoke to him with kindness were mere puppets for the real meaning behind them and Seiwa embraced them as his own… This was the life of a Noble and he, Seiwa molded it into his personality.

Temper:{Non existant?}

Likes: {at least two}

  • {Testing out his powers}
  • {Playing strategic games}

Dislikes: {at least two}

  • {People who think that they can best him}
  • {Tomatoes}

Bad Habits: {at least one}

  • {Being naturally polite even with friends}

Show us your talent
“Great talents are the most lovely and often the most dangerous fruits on the tree of humanity. They hang upon the most slender twigs that are easily snapped off.”

Special Ability: {Seiwa's general ability is raw fire. Well not raw in essence. An improved version, if you will. Close to the napalm, well twice as potent as napalm. Meaning to say, Napalm has the natural tendency to stick to the material until it is consumed. Along with the heat which is generally around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, considering water boils at 140 degrees, the heat of these flames are monumental. It should be noted that these flames can be put out, though it requires an exceptional amount of water to do so, far more than average. These flames are under complete control of Seiwa and lead to no harm to their master; they can easily be manipulated into anything that he deems worthy of his mind. He can pump as much flames as he likes from his body (any orifice) without damaging his clothing, unless he chooses to)

Upon instant release the region within 100m radius instantly becomes 40 degrees Celsius and every 2 posts the heat increase by an extra 5 degrees.

When the flames are large enough, he can move through flames and almost "teleport" to another region where flames are.


Strengths of your Ability {at least two. If more, strengths and weaknesses have to balance out}

  • The flames move at a great speed
  • hard to put out and have an unnatural tendency to stick to the material until it's consumed.

Weaknesses your Ability{at least two. If more, strengths and weaknesses have to balance out}

  • He is still in training with his power and his response with flames aren't particularly quick
  • His accuracy with the flames isn't extremely accurate and that can lead to problems.


Carries a compactable katana, that may appear as a small handle, though a small flick and the sword appears completely, coating his hands in gloves that are as sturdy as titanium, meaning to say it's can withstand all sorts of temperatures and pressures. When the sword flickers into life it is, more or less, instantly covered by his flames, increasing the raw cutting power and strength of the overall blade.}
Talents: {Violin, Chess and football}
Element Affiliation:{Fire}

Tell us why you are here
“Time is free, but it's priceless.
You can't own it, but you can use it.
You can't keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”

Date of Birth: {1st of July}
Family: Gengji Noble family

Noble family; one of the top Noble families of Japan, known for its
military power, financial influence and contacts throughout the
Japanian provence itself. Genji become one of the most powerful
Noble families, rivaled by non but only one other Noble family; Ishusi.
They matched the Genji noble family in everything that it was known
for… and sooner or later their became tension between the two families;
so much so that even Japan itself was holding its breath to decide
who would take the number one spot.

For 50 years, both Noble families tried to outdo each other in the financial world but the tension was escalating and war between families was soon to be expected. However, none of the Noble families made a move, none of them would strike the first blow but they both were in it to finish one and
other… as a result, the suspense exceeded to such a stage that is now known as a “cold war”; waiting patiently for a trigger to start the all out war.

Lasrun,heir to the Genji Noble family, became involved with the heir to the
Ishusi Noble family (Sakura), while they were both married, only Lasrun
had been successful to have children with his wife, however, news of
Sakura losing her husband due him being infertile and eventually the
depression and shame he forged result in the taking of his life.
Lasrun, seeing this opportunity, he secretly made meetings with Sakura,
trying to establish a method that could prevent an all out war between the two Noble families, however in reality, what Lasrun really wanted was Sakura, her beauty far exceeded that of his own wife, he wanted her for his own and he used peace ideals between that two families, that Sakura craved for, as a means to get to her.

After years of “negotiations”, Sakura eventually fell in love with Lasrun and she finally conceived a child (Seiwa). It was difficult, she denounced her family and joined Genji noble family, whom were outraged at the idea of a mistress and a misstress’s child from opposing Noble family to join. Such shame, Lasrun brought on the family, Lasrun’s father committed suicide, his original wife followed suite among others, weakening the family as a whole.

On the eve of Seiwa’s birth, his mother died, it was said that Seiwa's unusal fire ability manifested and incinerated the very mother he never knew. As a result, his father was drawn into insanity, now as the head of the Noble family, he made ridiculous changes, weakening the Noble family itself. Seiwa, a child was abused by his father, inflicted by his ill curses for the death of his true love, he forced Seiwa to be kept confined within the
main mansion, preventing any sort of communication with anyone; it made
no sense, Lasrun’s hatred towards Seiwa was justifiable but his actions were not, should he have hated the boy, he should have killed him.. however the idea of losing the only remaining piece that connected
Lasrun to Sakura was Seiwa and as a result, he was kept alive but more as an animal than anything.

As years went by, Seiwa was privately tutored, taught the ways of a Noble but never presented in party’s even though he was usually a subject on people’s mind; Lasrun made sure Seiwa became a taboo, anyone who mentioned or communed with him was banished from the family or worse killed. These extreme measures were questioned by many but among them none raised their voice to oppose Lasrun; he was head of the Clan and his orders were obsolete; regardless of how inadequate they were.

The murder of Seiwa's father came as a surprise; the head of the clan murdered in his own mansion with no witnesses was something no one expected, especially since no one had stood up to him let alone kill the man. As such, when a deed like this was done, Seiwa was set free from his
imprisonment by his older step-brother; Arthus. He was a retired vetern of war, that gave up his path as a soldier when his father died, for he was the heir next in line to take over.

On freedom, Arthus, spent much of his time with Seiwa, learning about him,
learning what made him so special that it drove his father into frenzy
when his name was mentioned… However, his approach was much different
to that of his father, Arthus was kind, patient, always smiling and above all exceptionally cheerful. Unlike the other 3 step brothers and sister’s Seiwa had, they detested him for Asran’s mother had wooed their father’s heart and was the death of their mother; though Arthus was different, he scowled
them, removed them from his presence when they spoke ill of Seiwa and treated Seiwa like a true brother. At first Seiwa was afraid, communing with people had always been forbidden, he found it difficult, his studies and books were usually his friends but now that he was given freedom, his brother became his best friend… His brother made use of him or rather asked him, to help out with the clan’s business; Seiwa which many longed to see, became some sort of publicity, clients from all over regions to visit him, see what he had to say or what he was like and this became a business opportunity for the Genji clan, they leeched of the numbers of people that came, a visit to see the boy became much more than that, they soon became enveloped with business proposition… making Genji a clan more powerfulthan ever.

As time grew, the Ishusi clan, also affected by the defection, was crippled tremendously, their family had lost their heir, the betrayal had let to multiple suicides and the care of the clan fell into the hands of a blood hungry tyrant, that spent much of clan’s resources on military use. With death intent, on a cold winter night, the Cold War, which many had forgotten, was broken, the Ishusi had struck the first blow and the war began.

With less numbers, the Zarae clan were bound to be crushed but the ishusi
clan had hired mercenaries that were out of control, they slaughtered
both commoners, the innocent alike, causing the military to intervene.
They ceased the fight, stripped the ishusi clan from its title and disbanded
the Noble family, banishing the members out of Japan. The result was the
only Noble family to oppose the Genji was removed making inevitably the best source to go to; the clients from ishusi soon transferred to Genji,
giving the Genj clan more influence, more power and above all, this
power now belonged tohis brother- Arthus.

How Seiwa never realized, that his brother used him; used him to draw attention to the clan and himself, enraging the Ishusi clan by rubbing it in their faces at how their prosperity flowered while Ishusi were licking their own wounds. Arthus knew that the new leader of the Ishusi, especially after
suffering such a blow to the clan, would not take kindly to such actions and act rather rashly. He, along with Seiwa both fell into Arthus’s trap, he used them all, knowing that the only gain would be his. Arthus a master in strategies, liar and manipulator, was a man Seiwa now hated, how he hated those false smiles that he showered at him, how he treated Seiwa like an equal- it made Seiwa sick,wanting to kill him to destroy him but Seiwa knew, that his brother was more powerful both mentally and physically- he knew that and understood better than ever, why his brother always challenged him to a chess game, he was testing Seiwa’s capabilities, would he ever be able to outsmart him? He confirmed by beating Seiwa… always looking down upon him like the mistress’s son he is, with a mask filled with lies.

Seiwa, learning to bide his time, he was obedient to his brother, never letting go of his role as the naïve, he signed up into the Narcussusa Academy just as Arthus asked- his true intention was to now keep him
away from the Clan’s affairs.. However, whatever Arthus tried to do,
Seiwa was intending on taking him down, finding out the truth and
demanding an explanation as to why Arthus being like that…but first he was going to develop his powers into an matchable militia. Where then, he'd take down his brother.

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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   Tue May 11, 2010 2:16 pm


Jk! ;)


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Seiwa Genji
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