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 Most painful ways to die

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Zane Hataro
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PostSubject: Most painful ways to die   Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:51 pm

State the most painful ways to die you can think of and or find.

I'll start

1:being straped sown to a worden bord so you cant move have 9 inch long nails being slowly hammered into each and every last one of your joints then they have you upside down so the blood rushes to your head then they slowly pluck out every last strand of hair on your body one by one then they take small strips of your flesh off and force feed it to you and make you bleed more and more each day then you have your nipples slowly turned until they get ripped off and inpale you with needels every were while haveing pressure aplied to your arms and legs till they break and after you have no outer flesh left if your still alive they make you starve and they gather maggots and inject them under you muscle and let them eat you while being slowly pulled apart and they slowly crush/rip off your most sensitive private part and they do that until you die

2: Having a dull knife cut off all your fingers and toes centimeter by centimeter. Then the same done to your hands, feet, arms and legs. Then having your back flayed and being forced to lay down on it. Then thin needles are put in your eyeballs, a bamboo stick is shoved up your butt, and then being stabbed in the front of your body in non-fatal places away from vital organs. Then when you're bleeding to death your gut is cut open for you too see right before you die

3:Being strung up and having your flesh peeled from your body with a razor blade. Then having caustic acid poured all over your exposed flesh. Having wet cemet pushed up your nose and anal cavity and then being left for several days. Once the acid burns have blistered up well then being whipped, beaten etc... and then having what remains of your flesh slowly burned away and being force fed it...
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Most painful ways to die
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